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At Taylor & Taylor our philosophy is to represent, protect and defend "you" the client expertly and professionally. We operate with integrity so that you can feel protected and your issue is solved in a cost-effective way with minimal amounts of stress and anxiety to you.

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Areas of Practice

Elder Law

  • Elder law is a legal term coined to cover diverse issues and challenges faced by people as they age.
  • Taylor & Taylor Law handles the three major categories that make up Elder Law:
    1. Estate planning and administration, including wills and trusts and probate;
    2. Planning for incapacity and disability including other long-term care issue.
      1. Health care surrogate appointments.
      2. Powers of attorney.
      3. Medicaid eligibility.
    3. Guardianship, including fiduciary administration.


  • A guardianship is a legal proceeding in which a guardian is appointed by the Court to exercise the legal rights of an incapacitated person, a minor or a developmentally disabled person.
  • Taylor & Taylor Law is highly qualified in handling all types of guardianships, whether for incapacitated Adults, Minors or Developmentally Disabled Individuals.
  • Click here to learn more about Guardianships.

Wills and Trusts

  • Few of us like to think about our passing, but it is important to have your affairs in order to ensure that your loved ones are cared for and your assets are distributed or maintained in the way that you intend.
  • A will is a written direction controlling the disposition of property at death.
  • The probate process can be complex and time consuming, and probate personal representatives and trustees have a tremendous fiduciary responsibility to handle the estate’s affairs properly.

Construction Litigation

  • Taylor & Taylor Law has extensive experience in the litigation and/or arbitration of construction related matters, including lien foreclosure prosecution and or defense, contract claims, construction and design defects, and both private and public bond actions.

Construction Lien Law

  • The Florida construction lien law once known as the Florida Mechanic’s Lien Law is a complicated and difficult area of the law for even a seasoned attorney to safely navigate.
  • Taylor & Taylor Law has been advising clients, including contractors, sub-contractors, material men and homeowners as to their rights, obligations and liabilities under this statute for the past 23 years. Our knowledge is drawn from both extensive litigation in this area along with practical knowledge from being a Florida State Certified General Contractor (inactive) from 1983.


  •  Each year, Florida residents lose money because they do not understand contracts when they enter into them or what to do when the other side breaches the agreement. In many of these cases, the advice of a lawyer would have prevented the loss of money. Only a qualified lawyer can advise you on whether an agreement is binding upon you and what rights or obligations you may have if there is a breach. Before you enter an agreement requiring the giving or payment of valuable consideration, it is best to have a qualified lawyer review the agreement, explain your obligations under it, and the consequence of a breach of the agreement. Never sign anything that you do not read and understand.
  • Taylor & Taylor Law has extensive experience in drafting, analyzing and reviewing contracts to assist you and your business in entering into agreements with full knowledge of your rights and obligations.

Professional License Defense

  • State Certified Contractors and are licensed through the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. County Registered Contractors are licensed through the local Constriction Industry licensing board in the County where the Company or individual does business. Florida Engineers are licensed through the Florida Board of Engineers.
  • Taylor & Taylor Law has significant experience in representing contractors and engineers in defending their licenses before the applicable boards.

General Business Matters

  • Taylor & Taylor Law represents clients in general business matters ranging from formation of the enterprise, problems and questions encountered along the way and the sale or purchase of another business. This includes incorporation, employment contracts, covenants not to compete, contract analysis, contract drafting, collection and collection matters.